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It’s not about kits, it’s about technology

What do you as a log home buyer want photos in your log home?

A quality home...
That meets your needs
That meets your budget
That fits your lot
That maximizes your views
That fulfills your dream

It’s not about kits, it’s about technology

There are two questions we hear on a regular basis that cause us great concern for the log home buyer. They are: “What’s included in your kit?” and “Do you have a price list for your kit?” We believe that these questions are a throwback to our forefathers’ era when log homes were generally small log cabins built in the backwoods. To have a log cabin you had to build it yourself.

Today’s log homes rival other styles with their beauty, architecture, size, amenities, and complexity of design. They are homes, designed to meet the layout and budget requirements of the home buyer and the land they sit on. They are not kits!

The key to having a quality log home built for you is first, to follow a proper sequence of home building steps, and second, to investigate the technology of the product itself.

All the magazine photos give the impression of a warm, snug hideaway, but if your log home is not built with snugly fitting logs, your log home could be uncomfortable and expensive to heat.

Technology means comfort

The same manufacturing capabilities that make Honka’s quality unparalleled also makes energy efficiency possible. The quality of the materials determines the quality of the home.

According to the Log Homes Council (copyright 2004), the following need to be your focus when considering the comfort and longevity of your log home: